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Recent Reads: Agent With Immunity + Paces

Recently, I have read two stories that have impressed me a lot. Agent With Immunity is an ongoing story about a mind control detective (I guess?) who arrests mind control criminals, while taking advantage of the evildoers’ devices for his own means as well. The author has built up an interesting story world that is easy to visualize and enjoy. The story is well written with a good level of eroticism. There is plenty that could go wrong with a story like this, but so far so good. I look forward to new installments.

Paces is an older story recommended, I think, by fembotheather in the forums. This is one of trilby else’s earliest stories, but all the trademark aspects of his writing are there. There are some very interesting trance scenes and an engaging plot. A few aspects of this story are turning out to be very influential in something I am working on right now.

Dollhouse (Again)

  • As someone mentioned in the MC Forum, Miracle Laurie (November) is an amazing actor.  She really sells “brainwashed” in a way that makes her seem equal parts docile and also eager to please.  If Dollhouse gets canned, someone needs to add her to their show immediately.
  • This week’s episode was the strongest one yet.  Without spoiling, a lot of it seemed to be ripped right out of an EMC story.  I saw elements of Vendatrix (the reprogrammed Active who has already been snared), Trilby Else (generally the idea that they won’t escape/are being watched seems to be a theme he goes back to) and one of my favorite stories My Girl Imogen, which seems more and more to have been a EMCSA precursor to this show.


The newest chapter of Outcall is very impressive. trilby else has, as usual, created a world filled with brainwashing twists and turns, this time involving mind controlled sex workers. There are some really erotic sections and well done mind control sequences. This one will make my reader’s picks the next time I update it (normally during the holidays).

Change Of Plans: True Love 4th Wall Chapter

A few weeks back, a reader commented that one of my stories was harder to follow due to the long breaks between chapters. This is a great concern for me; now that graduate school is almost over I will have a lot more time to write. At one point, when I started wrapping up True Love (when I wrote again, someone reviewed it by beginning “from the mists of time…”) I was going to have a short chapter where Kristen and Celia actually did a somewhat 4th wall breaking recap of previous events.

This seemed like a fun idea, but I ended up getting rid of it because I wanted to wrap up the story and not prolong it any further. I don’t see the big deal about readers having to go back and read, or reread, older chapters, I just did it with trilby else’s Outcall, but I understand other readers don’t have that kind of patience or time.

Story Review: Honeycomb

Honeycomb by trilby else-This story is a sequel to one of trilby else’s best stories Hive.  Like Hive, it involves a droned, although the situation turns out to be a little more complex than that, girl who is given back her old personality to serve the Hive.  I like this story a lot…anyone familiar with trilby else’s stories will know the probable endgame, but there are some curious twists that kept me guessing for most of the story.  This is easily one of his best stories.

Story Review: Golden

Golden by Trilby Else-This is a typical Trilby style story with a doomed victim, involving science fiction Amazons and a series of betrayals, but then there is a really excellent twist at the end.  If you enjoy his work, this is one of his best stories.  It is from 2001, but updated in 2006…I am pretty sure I missed it the first time around but caught it when there was an update.